Benefits of our Moon Oil for pregnancy

Kailey Lewis


Growing and nourishing a baby in our utero can be a challenge with all the miraculous changes our bodies go through, so to ensure maternal well-being and the growth of the developing fetus an adequate and balanced diet is important.


Our Moon Oil is a beautiful formula that not only supports womb and breast health, while providing PMS relief it is also highly beneficial during pregnancy. Our skin is the largest organ and especially during pregnancy it is important we understand exactly what we are putting on our skin and inherently allowing into our bodies. 


Our Moon Oil is formulated using a blend of hemp seed oil, magnesium, lugol’s iodine, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil & roman chamomile essential oil. So let’s break down the benefits of the Moon Oil for pregnancy and postpartum. 



Women need more iodine during pregnancy to produce enough hormones ensuring the healthy development of the brain and nervous system, before birth and in young children. Lugol iodine, one of our favorite active ingredients found in the Moon Oil, is a trace mineral that helps support healthy fetal development. 


In 1989, pediatric neurologist Dr G. Robert DeLong of Duke University Medical School visited a rural Chinese province, Xinjiang and witnessed within the population, a high number of miscarriages, high infant mortality, stunted growths and stillbirths. At the time due to cultural and political values iodized salt was not accessible to the people. DeLong decided to rig the irrigation canal with iodine and as a result one year later infant immortality & miscarriages dropped by half & children’s IQ’s increased by 16 IQ points. 


There is a clear correlation with iodine supporting the healthy development of children. Our Moon Oil offers a safe and healthy way of absorbing iodine transdermally, meaning absorption through the skin.



Magnesium is an essential mineral and like many other nutrients during pregnancy the body requires more. Magnesium helps muscle and nerve functions, promotes the healthy development of bones and teeth of babies and regulates heartbeat. Because magnesium is best absorbed transdermally our Moon Oil is highly beneficial since pregnant women are often at a risk of magnesium deficiency. This is due to their bodies not receiving the appropriate amount of minerals due to an inadequate diet that may be caused by nausea, vomiting and food aversions. Magnesium absorbed transdermally offers a safer mode of intake without risk of excess consumption. 


Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil is a plant source of your Omega 3 fatty acids, which constitute the majority of the brain and eyes and therefore vital for the healthy development of the brain and eyes of the fetus during development. The essential fatty acids also support the skin's natural cycle of regeneration and repair, providing vital building blocks for the epidermis to nourish and hydrate stretching and growing skin. 


Essential Oils

Lavender oil helps sooth pregnancy aches and pain and relieves stress.


Chamomile oil provides calming and relaxing properties to support well-being.


Geranium oil helps ease anxiety, encourages a calm state of being while balancing hormones.


The blend of essential oils in this formula is one of the safest oils however we do recommend to wait until after the 1st trimester unless you’re comfortable with essential oils.


How often to apply

Usually before bed up to 3x a day.



Our Moon Oil is safe for women who are breastfeeding but ensure you wipe and clean your breast and nipples before breastfeeding as jojoba is not meant to be ingested and magnesium may irritate the skin with open wounds.



Our Moon Oil encourages & supports restoration of minerals and recovery of the body postpartum and promotes healing and eases irritation. 



If you have any thyroid related illness issues please advise a professional before use as the active ingredient of iodine may be conflicting. On request we may be able to make an oil that is iodine free so please feel free to contact us.


Also remember to always do a patch test before use as everyone’s skin is different.

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