Reconnecting our womb with the moon

Reconnecting our womb with the moon


Before this day and age we used to live a life that was enculturated & aligned with nature. Our sleep cycles followed the sun and women’s ovulation was guided naturally by the brightness of the full moon. It is no coincidence that the menstrual cycle is synced up to the cycle of the moon, occurring around every 28 days. But as a result of the constant exposure of artificial light from our screens, electric lights inside, street lights, pollutants and stress prevalent in this digital age, the natural cycles of our bodies have become interrupted.


There is increasing evidence from research on people and animals that the disruption of the bodies natural rhythm influences vitality and general well-being. By realigning and reconnecting to the harmony of the moon cycles we learn to connect and flow with our own changes of our bodies. Instead of looking at our periods with judgement we learn to accept our body with all its changes through kindness, embracing the body's miraculous process of regeneration, renewal and rebirth.


“Every woman has a time each moon cycle when she embodies the power of the moon and her flow is the cleansing of the ocean. We call this the woman’s time of the moon, or moon-time”.


- Nicholas Noblewolf


Here are some practices that may nurture the journey back to your body


1. Tune into the Moon


First to sync your cycles with the moon you must first align to the moon cycles. There are many Moon Phases apps that can be used to help you attune to the cycles of the moon and her energy.


2. Immerse yourself in nature


We live in a digital age constantly exposed to artificial light. By exposing our body’s to as much natural light as possible we will help our body return to it’s biological rhythm.


3. Minimise light pollution


The body gets confused in the evening when we’re exposed to the lights from our screens. Try to switch off as early as you can, read a book, write, meditate, talk to your loved ones.


And try minimise artificial lighting and use candles or Himalayan salt lamps. They will also help create an environment ideal for rest.


4. Reflection in the New Moon


The New Moon is the first lunar phase representing new beginnings & if one’s menstruation is charted with the moon this indicates the time of menstruation. As the body is literally bleeding and energetically flowing downward by using this time to embrace release and letting go of old and stale energy, the new moon can be used to set new intentions, inviting change and embracing the natural flow of life.


Journalling & meditating during this time is an effective way in slowing down and quieting the mind to begin the journey back inwards.


5. Moon Bathing in the Full Moon


Go outside & breathe in the new air of a full moon. Sit or walk around, bathing in the glowing moonlight imagining the light healing your body and removing all unwanted energy. Absorb and feel the moonlight cleanse, purify & raise your vibration.

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