What can we learn from the Libra Full Moon

Image:  @apollonia.saintclair via instagram

Have you been feeling out of alignment? Drained? Confused? Overwhelmed with all the emotions that have come to light in the past week. It’s safe to say you’re not the only one, with the libra full moon that just passed, emotions were running high for us all as a collective. Full moons symbolize the end of a lunar cycle, representing the culmination of energies since the new moon, so high emotions are expected.

With our cups filled with emotions to the brim this offers us the opportunity to let go and release emotions, narratives and energies that no longer serve us on our highest journey. It is difficult to go about our daily routine when hit with certain emotions but I’d like to think when things come out of the shadows it simply means it is ready to be released. Subconsciously we suppress emotions and narratives for multiple reasons as a means to cope, it could simply be due to our inability to comprehend it at that time. When faced with these emotions it is simply your higher self reminding you to listen deeper, trust your intuition and embrace the feelings in order to let go of the suppressed feelings and blockages residing in the mind or body.

In ancient indigenous cultures, the moon was worshiped and celebrated for its rhythms of life and the universe. It was understood that as the moon moves through different phases in life, so do we. So we must learn to let go of fear, resistance and to accept feelings of uncomfortability as part of the flow of life.

So how do we learn to embody the influences on the moon as a way to heal and connect deeper to oneself and the collective.

Working with the element of water

Incorporating the element of water in your moon ritual is a very powerful practice, simply take a moon bath or make moon water by preparing a glass of water under the moonlight.

Moon bathing can help regulate hormones for women specifically and increase fertility. Soaking in the moonlight is effective in soothing the mind and body from excess heat and inflammation that may manifest in illnesses such as hypertension, inflammatory skin conditions and migraines.

Like moon bathing, drinking moon water is said to have many benefits from helping sync your menstrual cycle to the moon cycles, help with PCOS and support the cleansing and clearing of any blocking energies.

Moon dance

Full moon dancing dates back to the ancient indigenous practice of Native Americans, involving the practice of prayer and dance within communities. You can create your own circle with friends and family and use intentional movement to release and let go of any stuck energies felt in the body.

Meditate and journal

Sit in silence and allow yourself to feel what needs to come out or write if channeling through the flow of words feels better. By taking the time to sit with your emotions you begin the process of compassionately listening and understanding to heal past narratives that may still be affecting your present day.


With the culmination of energies arising it can be draining so don’t forget to rest, be extra kind to the body and listen intuitively to what your soul needs at this time.

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