Lymphatic massage - a self-practice guide to healing, vitality & self-love

With a growing interest in health and vitality culturally, we are still not talking enough about the importance of our lymphatic system on maintaining vitality. It plays an important role in our immune function as the lymphatic system filters and removes extra fluid and waste from our body’s and carries vital nutrients and oxygen to our cells. In the current world we live in where accumulation of toxins from our food, environment and lifestyle is so prevalent, lymphatic massage is a gentle practice that can easily be incorporated in one’s routine to cleanse, detoxify & heal the body in 15 minutes.

Lymphatic massage is a gentle skin massage where the skin is gently stretched and released following the lymph pathways. Gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system increases the flow through the lymph nodes, filtering out extra fluid, waste, toxins, dead cells & excess proteins from the tissues whilst increasing the production of lymphocytes, therefore increasing the body’s ability to overcome infections.

It can benefit those experiencing lymphedema, fibromyalgia, swelling, skin disorders, fatigue, insomnia, stress, digestive problems, arthritis but overall it is beneficial for everyone.

Lymphatic breast massage ~

  1. Keep your hands soft and relaxed. When doing a lymphatic massage you are stretching the skin by pulling lightly as far as the skin stretches and releasing
  2. Begin by applying our Moon Oil onto the area
  3. Place your hand in your armpit and push inward and upward toward your breast and repeat this ten to twenty times
  4. Grab your entire breast and move it upward toward the armpit. Repeat ten times.
  5. Grab your breast and pump directly inward toward the chest wall. Repeat five times
  6. With your left hand hold your left breast stable at the bottom and massage the top inner part of your breast toward your neck five times with your other hand. Repeat on the other side

Lymphatic womb massage ~

  1. Begin by applying our Moon Oil onto the area.
  2. Begin by creating C-shaped or U-shaped movements around your navel button five times. This helps create better results instead of using full circular motions.
  3. Continue creating small movements around the womb. Focus on creating movement in the direction of your lymph nodes and what feels good for you.

Mayan massage ~

This technique of massage is especially beneficial for enhancing fertility, alleviating menstrual pain & symptoms of endometriosis by gently moving your uterus and other organs into proper alignment & improving circulation to stimulate the absorption of nutrients whilst moving waste out.

  1. Begin by applying our Moon Oil onto your womb. Use your pubic bone as a guide and begin creating strokes from your left hip bone to the centre, just below your naval 3x times
  2. Then 3x strokes upwards to your navel and 3x strokes from your right hip bone to the centre below your naval
  3. You can get creative with your massage and move intuitively, any sort of movement that feels good is beneficial for the body
  4. You can practice this 2-3x a day
  5. Please note massaging the womb when trying to conceive is not recommended as it can affect implantation

Don’t worry too much about proper direction, just focus on creating movement and flow through touch. Remember to massage yourself in the direction of your lymph nodes. Close your eyes and really immerse yourself in the healing sensation of touch. Practice envisioning healing light and love travelling from your hands with each healing touch.

Finally by adding self-love practices that work for you and prioritizing your time with things that make you feel joy and love, with foods that heal your body and people that encourage you to be your best self, you continue co-creating a life of constant healing, love, abundance and connection.

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